Nirvana Free-Standing Steel Sculpture

Imagination Fabrication of New Mexico

This artful piece is IFNM’s rendition of Nirvana. A place of perfect peace and happiness. Where love flows from all things and there is freedom to be who we are.   

The two glass pieces represent our individuality while the upward stems symbolizing continued growth, the arcs represent reciprocity with the base signifying unity. The iron serves to ground all in unconditional love. 

This piece is sturdy and beautiful with hand-forged, with welded techniques with a durable finish. This piece does not come apart and is not adjustable. Comes with a 14" spike for secure placement outside.

Size is approximately: 44 1/4” height X 18" wide X 5 ½" deep.  Weight approximately 25 lbs.

Note: Items may differ slightly from the picture, as each item is hand-made. Allow 3-5 days to ship.

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